Belarusian Bucket List



From Mikalay in Belarus, I received a nice postcard stating what a person should do when visiting Belarus. This postcard also contined only one postage stamp and not a gazillion like the previous one. Things to do in Belarus:

1. Try Narochansky Bread (Eat WHAT?!)
2. See a Medieval Castle
3. Visit a Country House
4. Polish off all the Draniki You Can (A working holiday?)
5. Visit National Library
6. Feed a European Bison
7. Try on a True Flax Outfit
8. Enjoy 1 of 11000 Lakes
9. Taste Krambabulia (Sounds poisonous)
10. … Come to us Again

In a Flash from France


Toulouse, France

At long long last, I received a postcard from France. I have previously sent several postcards to France and never received one in return. That was until Narjiss from Toulouse came along! On this postcard one can see the river La Garonne and its bridge called Le Pont Neuf. Toulouse is famous for being at the heart of the European aerospace industry and is the home of several companies in this field, most notably, Airbus. This must explain why it only took the postcard 4 days to get here instead of the traditional 14 days that I have grown accustomed to.

Ukraineanologist Needed


Kiev, Ukraine

From Olha in Kiev, Ukraine, I received a postcard of this pretty building. She tells me that the building was the first in Europe to be built from concrete in the 20th century. She also tells me that the architect built it for his wife (how romantic) and dressed all four walls and the roof with animals and mythical creatures (probably symbolising his mother-in-law). What Olha neglects to tell me, however, is the name of the building or the name of the architect. Do you have any idea? The name appears to be on the back of the postcard in Ukrainean and Russian but I cannot read hieroglyphics, sorry!

Turkish Delight


My third postcard of the Blue Mosque also comes from Ashor. While not being particularly fond of domes and all that, there is something very intriguing about this particular mosque. I believe it is truly something to behold! It was built under the rule of Sultan Ahmed I, completed in 1616 and took 7 years to build. It is still in use today but is also a very popular tourist attraction.

From the Magic Kingdom


Disney World

No trip to Florida is complete unless one visits Disney World! That is evidently what Ashor decided to do! Disneyland was originally located in California and the plans to develop the bigger better Disney World was developed by the great man himself, Walt Disney, in the early 1960s. Unfortunately bu the time of his death in 1966 he had not seen his completed project. Disney World opened on 1 October 1971, with the Magic Kingdom as its only theme park. Epcot (shown above) was one of the later attractions to be added to the resort.

Infinity and Beyond


Kennedy Space Center

From Ashor I received this stunning postcard from the Kennedy Space Center’s visitor complex. The Kennedy Space Center is located in Florida, USA. It has been doing all human fligts to space since 1968. Human flights have not been happening frequently in recent times but the 3 pads from which it can launch, next to Cape Canaveral Air Force Base, are frequently used to launched unmanned missions into space.

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made


New York City

The day after I got my first postcard from the USA, I received these two postcards from my friend, Ashor, as well! I am terribly in love with New York City’s skyline! I think it is one of the most magnificent city views in the world. More on Rockefeller though… It was very interesting for me to find out that the world’s first billionaire, John D. Rockefeller, is considered the richest man that ever lived. His 19th century $1 billion seems to pale against the $72.4 billion fortune of the Mexican telecoms magnate and world’s richest man, Carlos Slim HelĂș… One would be wrong, you see because the value of money changes all the time. John D. Rockefeller’s fortune then, would be $318.3 billion today. That is a lot of money!

An UNexpected surprise


Universal Declaration of Human Rights

From my friend and fellow countryman, Ashor, I received this awesome postcard. He got it from the United Nations headquarters in New York. The quote on the postcard comes The Universal Declaration of Human and Peoples’ Rights. He could not have been more thoughtful in giving me this postcard, as human rights are very close to my heart and having completed a course in public international law, I thought it was quite awesome!

As Tahquamenon Befalls Me


Thaquamenon Falls

As I was preparing to give up on ever receiving a postcard from the USA (After having sent several and receiving none in return), Judith, from the beautiful state of Michigan sent me this great postcard of Tahquamenon Falls. She tells me that she had lived in the state for 40 years before going here for the first time! Certainly worth the wait! Now, I have to damit that I have never heard of it but it is most certainly a sight to behold.

From the Home of the Nymphs


Melissani Cave

Antigone from the historical city of Thebes sent me this lovely postcard of Melissani Cave on the island of Kefalonia. Antigone tells me that she spent her summer holidays here and enjoyed a great deal of wine there! Sounds like my kind of person! Wine and a stunning Greek island, is that not just life? What more could anybody want? Or maybe I am just an alcoholic! But hey, fun has always been fun! Anyway, back to the postcard! According to Greek mythology, this was the home of the nymphs. I dunno why nobody was never curious enough to go and look for these nymphs, but at any rate, I love this postcard!