Monica & Ruhan’s Awful Postcard Challenge #2

Awful Postcard Number 2

Awful Postcard Number 2

This postcard that looks like it was cut from a 90s women’s magazine comes from… You guessed it… Monica! This awkward lady in the middle of the ocean posing for a photo is something that would keep me out of the water and I most certainly won’t “come on in”. As if that was not enough of a rant, it would be an insult to grammar Nazis everywhere if I did not point out that “construction” (because it’s not a sentence) on the front. “Come on in the water is fine.” Where is my punctuation?! On the back of the postcard Monica makes a very good point; a few in fact. “Where is this woman? It doesn’t even look like Guernsey.” It does seem like the kind of postcard one would use for a tourism, but unlike the French,I am sure that in Guernsey they use scenes from their own country in tourism pictures and ads.

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