Dominican Republic is Here

Santa Domingo

Santa Domingo

From Princess in the Dominican Republic, I got this awesome postcard. My first from this country and my second from a Caribbean island. Princess tells me that this postcard is of a part of the city known as the “Colonial Zone.” The country had 4 dates of independence and I am pretty sure that there are few countries that can boast that number of dates of independence. The country is located on the island of Hispanioala and is bordered to the West by Haiti. It is home to an estimated 10 million people and its capital is Santa Domingo. Quite a fascinating tale, its history, definitely worth a read. At any rate, I thank you, Princess, for an awesome postcard!

3 thoughts on “Dominican Republic is Here

  1. I thought you would like to know a little about your postcard.

    This postcard depicts Plaza Espagna in Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial, Dominican Republic. The bottom building is Alcázar de Colón. Diego Colón was Christopher Columbus’ son and viceroy of La Hispaniola, this was built as his family home. If you stand in front of that building facing away from it, it is flanked by the remains of the ramparts of the fort. To the left is Rio Ozama where many ships dock, and the right are the buildings of the upper portion of your postcard which is a row of restaurants. Plaza Espana is truly one of the most special places in DR. It is a mecca of entertainment and events. This photo/postcard does not do the area justice at all, it is truly much more beautiful.

    • Oh wow! Thank you so much for that! It is always nice to get these kinds of comments and see another person’s view of a place that they actually know. I only know what I see on the postcard, so it is very much appreciated!

      • You are very welcome! It needs to be experienced. And yes, this country’s history is not only the oldest history in the world, but also a very turbulent and volatile history. If you speak Spanish, through Google you can learn so much more than if you search only in English. Check out my blog for a little DR enjoyment, it, is in english!

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