From the Land of Borat



At long last a postcard from Kazakhstan arrived! Oxana from Almaty and I arranged the swap in February already but the South African postal service had a different timeline in store for this postcard’s arrival. Kazakhstan is a Central-Asian country, which is also kind of the big brother of all it’s smaller and lesser-known neighbours. It of course gained infamy in much of the world as a result of Sacha Baron Cohen’s famous character, Borat. But it shocks me that people believe that the character gives any sort of indication of what Kazakhstan is like. It’s economy is a booming one with economic growth rate of between 8.9% and 13.5% between 2000 and 2007, with a slight slump in 2008 & 2009 and a serious comeback afterwards. It is modernising in many ways and has a high Human Development Index score. What do I have to say to people who only have its so-called “backwardness” as depicted by a fictional character in mind… Wake up! Rant over. Thank you Oxana for the lovely postcard!

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