Kalgoorlie, Australia

Kalgoorlie, Australia

This postcard of Kalgoorlie-Boulder in Western Australia come from 3 boys! Toby (10), Blake (7) and Ben (4) apparently do Postcrossing with their dad. I think it’s brilliant that parents do this with their kids, as they get to learn so much about the world and to get their geography in tip-top condition, so as not to be as ignorant as those people (you know who they are) who cannot even find their own country on a map, let alone a “foreign” country. I wish my parents had done this for me when I was a kid but it was but the dawn of the cyber age when I was a kid (AKA the dark ages.) At any rate, this town has a population of 33000 people. What does seem funny is that it is the 5th largest urban centre in Western Australia. Sparse population is the name of the game in this country it would seem. Or maybe Australian TV is just simply amazing! But I thank you Toby, Ben and Blake, I always enjoy a postcard from the land down under!

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