Islas Canarias

Canary Islands

Canary Islands

From Monte, a friend who is from Hilversum in The Netherlands, I got this awesome postcard of the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands are one of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions, which is located just off the West Coast of mainland Africa, between Morocco and Western Sahara. Despite the name in English creating the impression of a particular kind of animal, it actually means “Dogs Islands” when directly translated. The Canary Islands were used by the Spanish as a stopover during colonial times on their way to the Americas because of the favourable easterly winds. The picture today is vastly different, however, as the islands are now known as an altogether amazing tourist destination. It receives up to 12 million tourists per year on average, 72% of which come from Great Britain, Spain and Germany. There are a total of 4 national parks on the islands and with a great variety of marine life and wonderful beaches, it is not surprising that people flock to these islands in their millions. Definitely looks pretty darn inviting! Dank je Monte!

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