Guernsey Treasure Map



Another awesome postcard made its way to me from Monica. The map shows many of the treasures of Guernsey and states a cool historical fact or 5. So, I’m just going to rant off some of the facts stated on the card. During World War 2, Guernsey was occupied by Germany from 1940-1945. Castle Cornet, a 13th century castle, is located on the island and was the last royalist stronghold during the civil war which lasted from 1643 to 1651. Impressive that any place could last 8 years during a siege! For 14 years, the French novelist, Victor Hugo, lived on the island where he wrote Les Miserables. Monica tells me that she lives but one minute away from Victor Hugo’s house. “The Little Chapel,” the world’s smallest church apparently suffers from island dwarfism and can only seat 4 people. All in all, I think it’s a pretty awesome postcard from a more than pretty awesome person! Thanks Monica!

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