It’s all about the Inches

Plouharnel, Brittany, France

Plouharnel, Brittany, France

This 12-inch long beauty comes to me all the way from Dorine in France. Of course I could have said 30cm-beauty but that would not have done well with my play on words. Anyway, it is the largest postcard in my collection and will have to find a home of its own, as the box in which I keep my postcards is too small to accommodate it. As you can imagine with such a long postcard, it got a bit bent, as can be seen at the right side of the picture. Dorine tells me that having grown up so close to the ocean, she feels “oppressed” when she finds herself far from water. As an ending to her message, she tells me that she set the main title from Game of Thrones as her alarm tone, so that the first minutes of every day will be epic. Don’t you just love her? Thank you Dorine for a great and unique postcard!

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