Alley of Baobabs

Alley of Baobabs, Madagascar

Alley of Baobabs, Madagascar

This stunning postcard comes from Rindra, who lives in Madagascar. It shows the Alley of Baobabs, which is also known as the Avenue of Baobabs. The dirt road Alley stretches for about 260 meters and has 20 – 25 baobabs along its sides. The area is being preserved by the government of Madagascar as part of an effort to make it Madagascar’s first natural monument.  The baobab tree is my favourite tree and a true symbol of Africa. So many myths and legends exist about this stunning tree. My favourite being the following: The baobab was the first tree of the forest and when the gods created the palm tree, it was jealous and wished it was taller. When the flame tree was created, the baobab cried out because it was envious of its beautiful flowers. Then came the fig tree and the baobab prayed to the gods for fruit. The gods were then so enraged that they uprooted the baobab and threw it head first into the ground, so as to keep it quiet. That is why the baobab looks like an upside down tree. Interesting, no? It is said that if a person picks a flower off a baobab, you will be eaten by a lion. So, I’m not going to try!

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