Diamonds & Lava

Diamond Lake & Maipo Volcano

Diamond Lake & Maipo Volcano

This contender for my top 10 favourite postcards comes to me all the way from Rubén in Argentina. This is my first postcard from his country and I could not be more happy. It shows Diamond Lake and Maipo Volcano, located in the Western part of the country in the province of Mendoza. Maipo Volcano also spans across into the neighbouring country of Chile. Rubén tells me that this region has many volcanoes and vineyards and is located in an earthquake zone. Beauty, danger and wine, where do I sign up to live in Mendoza? Maipo does not have the highest peak in the Andes but its symmetrical conical shape is what makes it so popular. Thank you Rubén! When you said you’d send me a beautiful view, my expectations were not aligned with this kind of beauty!

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