The Romanian Capital

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania

From Magdalena in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, I received this pretty multi-view and my first postcard from Romania. The 6 places to be seen on this postcard look great but the smart people who printed the postcard, did not take into account that maybe the receiver of this postcard would not be able to speak any Romanian. So, I would like to point out the arch at the bottom left, firstly. Looks familiar, doesn’t it? Well, you be wrong if you called it the Arc de Triomphe because this one goes by the very original name of Arcul de Triumf. The others that I could make out is the top right one that is the Central University Library (or something or other.) At the bottom far right is the Geology Museum (I think.) The one in the middle at the bottom seems to be a restaurant. Thank you for the pretty postcard Magdalena! Thank you for not letting the foreigner understand your postcard 2S Design!

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