Kotel Jerusalem

Western Wall, Jerusalem

Western Wall, Jerusalem

This postcard comes from the ever-so-awesome Brazilian, Carlos, who went on a trip to Israel. The Western Wall is more popularly known as the Wailing Wall or also as Kotel. It is located at the foot of the western side of the Temple Mount and is one of the most sacred sites in the Jewish faith. The Western Wall was built during the 17th century BC by King Herod but excavations show that the entire wall was not completed during his lifetime. The term “Wailing Wall” probably arose after the Roman Empire took control of Jerusalem and banned Jews from living there in the 1st century AD. After the Roman Empire became christian, Jews were allowed to go to Jerusalem on one day per year to visit the wall, at which point they would bewail the fate of their people. Something I certainly never knew or really thought about. Very interesting to learn. Thank you Carlos!

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