Grand Harbour Indeed

Grand Harbour, Malta

Grand Harbour, Malta

This great postcard comes from Vitalija in Malta. The Grand Harbour has been used since Phoenician times and is heavily fortified, probably because of the fact that this little European nation has seen conquerors come and go like trains through Johannesburg station. It also served as the base of Knights of St. John for 268 years before it became a strategic base for the British for another 170 years. During the first siege of Malta, the harbour was a serious battleground when the Turks attempted to evict the Knights of St. John. During the second siege of Malta, much of the surrounding military fortifications and parts of the harbour were seriously damaged, as axis bombers took out military targets. The collateral damage suffered in the island’s capital, Valletta, and elsewhere was unfortunately also immense. Very interesting history! Thank you Vitalija.

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