Eye Miss You Too



What can I say about this postcard? I’m quite speechless really. It sure is a fun addition to my collection from Monica. Monica explained the pun to me but I have to say that I still don’t quite get it really. On the back of the postcard, Monica merely wrote: “Eye don’t understand” but explained it to me later but I must confess, even so, Eye still don’t understand and feared even writing this post as a result. All I can say when I haven’t heard from Monica in a long time is that Eye miss her as well. So, thank you for this one!

One thought on “Eye Miss You Too

  1. “Monica explained the pun.”
    DID I?!?!!? I don’t get it either! I think I was just trying to make a possible, feeble excuse for what it might mean! Hahaha, so glad it is immortalised online 😀

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