Las Croabas

Las Croabas, Puerto Rico

Las Croabas, Puerto Rico

This stunning postcard comes from Eduardo from Puerto Rico. Eduardo tells me that this town lies to the far East of the island. Las Croabas is a fishing town located near San Juan, Puerto Rico. Despite being a fishing town, the area attracts a great number of tourists, particularly to the La Cordillera Nature Reserve, that is located close by. The nature reserve consists of 10 islands than can be enjoyed either from the sea or from the land. Something I’d like to see is the magnificent Las Croabas lagoon, where you can make the water glow by just putting your hand into it. Magic! No, okay, there are bioluminescent plankton in the water and once disturbed, they start glowing, how cool is that? Thank you Eduardo for letting me learn about this interesting place!

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