A Long Time Coming

Alegria Lagoon, El Salvador

Alegria Lagoon, El Salvador

This beautiful postcard sure took its time to reach me. It was sent on 24 March 2013 and only reached me on 10 October 2013. Judging by the multitude of bends and the shape, it sure had a journey on its way here. It was sent to me by William and shows the Alegria Lagoon or as it is called in Spanish, Laguna de Alegria. The lagoon is located on the Tecapa volcano, which is about 26 kilometers from Unsulutan. Too my dismay though, not much information is available on the lagoon in the English language. So this is basically what you need to know: Pretty. Water. El Salvador. Alegria. Go see it. That’s it folks! Thank you for the beautiful postcard William!

3 thoughts on “A Long Time Coming

  1. Ahh me encanta El Salvador!! Love this card! I have the exact same one hehe! I intend to visit El Salvador next year!

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