Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

This beautiful postcard of the Charles Bridge in the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague, comes from Michaela. The Charles Bridge was constructed from 1357 until the start of the 15th century. Talk about patience. When one does, however, take into account that this bridge is 621 meters long and 10 meters wide, then it’s easy to understand why it took that long during those days. The bridge was originally named the Stone Bridge or the Prague Bridge, but was renamed to the Charles Bridge (the monarch who had it built) in 1870. Like all bridges in Europe, this beautiful piece of history also suffered damage during World War II but at least it was not destroyed like so many others. Thank you Michaela, it’s a truly stunning postcard!

Arizona Critters

Arizona Critters

Arizona Critters

This awesome postcard comes from Cecilia in Arizona. The animals on this postcard ranges from awesome, to just plain disgusting. These animals include:

Collared Lizard – Now, I have always been a typical lizard-loving boy but this one looks just awesome!

Rattlesnake – This viciously fast and venomous snake would make me crap myself, but if Steven Segal can catch it, so can I!

Coyote – Was purposely placed far away from the road runner.

Roadrunner – I keeping his eye on the coyote. Meep Meep.

Tarantula – Should I come across this thing in real life, I would run to the coast and swim back to South Africa. I HATE spiders.

Scorpion – See reference to Tarantula supra.

Javalina – I have never even heard of this pig-like creature but it sure does look cute.

Bobcat – What can I say? I absolutely adore wild cats, they are such beautiful, powerful and mysterious creatures. Much love buddy!

Horney Toad – I know a few of those too.

Ground Squirrel – How can one not love a squirrel? They are probably the cutest things alive, except for meerkats.

Wild burro – Isn’t that just a horse?

Jackrabbit – It certainly looks more powerful and bigger than your average rabbit but it also looks like it can catch satellite signals with those ears.

Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany

Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany

This postcard of Postdamer Platz (Potsdam Square) comes from Anika. The square is located in the German capital city, Berlin. It is located close to Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag (Germany’s national legislature.) The history of the square can be traced to 1685, when religious refugees, including Austrian Jews and French Huguenots, like in my home country of South Africa, were given refuge in this particular area. This was done through the Tolerance Edict of Potsdam, which was promulgated by Frederick William, the Elector of Brandenburg-Prussia. Today the square is an important public space, which has seen some pretty rapid development of late. Thank you Anika, now I know where to go when I visit your stunning country!

Towering Independence

National Monument, Jakarta, Indonesia

National Monument, Jakarta, Indonesia

This beautiful night view postcard comes from Maya, who is obviously from Indonesia. The National Monument in Jakarta was completed after 14 years of building, in 1975. The monument was built in celebration of Indonesian independence from Dutch rule. The tower reaches a height of 132 meters. Tourists would be glad to know that the monument houses the National History Museum, the Hall of Independence and an observation deck with an amazing view of the city. Definitely a great postcard that May sent me, thank you so much!

Cities of Ukraine

Cities of Ukraine

Cities of Ukraine

This postcard showing a number of cities in Ukraine comes from Lena, who lives in Kiev. Okay, so starting with the middle and then from the top left:

1. Kiev – The capital of the country and largest city in Ukraine.

2. Kharkiv – Ukraine’s 2nd largest city and former capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

3. Yalta – A resort city in Crimea.

4. Bakhchysarai – A city in Crimea and the former capital of the Crimean Khanate.

5. Buchach – A city located in Ternopil Oblast in Western Ukraine.

6. Chernihiv – Ukraine’s 18th largest city and administrative center of Chernihiv Oblast in Northern Ukraine.

7. Donetsk – An industrial city in Eastern Ukraine, administrative center of Donetsk Oblast and the country’s 5th largest city.

8. Crimea – A peninsula in Southern Ukraine, on the northern coast of the Black Sea.

9. Sevastopol – The 14th largest city in Ukraine and the second largest port in the country.

10. Lviv – Former capital of Galicia, Ukraine’s 7th largest city and cultural hub of the country.

11. Sharivka – I cannot find anything about this place, anybody?

12. Sumy – Administrative center of the Sumy Oblast.

13. Odessa – Ukraine’s 3rd largest city, with the largest port and the admistrative center of Odessa Oblast.

Holland’s New Coat of Arms

Dutch Coat of Arms

Dutch Coat of Arms

This postcard comes from Thea who lives in Frisia (Friesland) in The Netherlands. She says that she could not find me a Dutch coat of arms but that the new coat of arms will look like this. She is of course joking. It looks almost something like the current coat of arms but with the marijuana leaves added, of course. The slogan on the coat of arms, Je Maintiendrai, is French and means “I will maintain.” Let us hope you do maintain your current coat of arms and don’t get this one! Thank you Thea!