Africa’s Largest City

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

This postcard of Africa’s largest city, Cairo, comes from Asmaa who lives in Egypt. Cairo is not only the largest city in Africa but also in the Arab world and is also the capital city of Egypt. Cairo is also the 16th largest city in the world, as well as the 10th largest urban area. Cairo was first founded in 10 AD and has been a bustling city since. Today it is home to over 9 million people within its city limits and a staggering 19.5 million people in its metro. It is one of only 2 cities on the African continent (along with Algiers) that has a metro and the metro is one of the busiest in the world, with 1 billion passenger rides each year. It is truly one of Africa’s only mega-cities. Thank you Asmaa for this great postcard!

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