Silly? Sad? Scary?



My first ever postcard from a cat comes from Gordon the Great, who is New Zealand’s number one feline postcrosser. I actually hope he’s the world’s number one (and only) feline postcrosser. I have to say that upon reading the postcard, I did not know whether to laugh, cry or move to an undisclosed location, as whoever wrote this has my address. I’ll quote the message on the back:

“Meow, my name is Gordon, you may call me ‘Gordon the great’.” I am almost 10 years old and am New Zealands [couldn’t reach the apostrophe kitty?] #1 postcrossing cat. I am FORCED against my will to live with a FATDOG!! I don’t like the FATDOG, I was here first and now, on a daily basis, I fear I will be eaton [sic] by ths FATDOG. However, I am a very tough dude man cat (see postcard) and I will continue to be boss of this house and smack the FATDOG in the gooby gob when I feel the urge. Purr purr, love Gordon… (the great)”

Silly Scenario: Someone is taking the piss with a cat sending postcards and a rather odd sense of humour.

Sad Scenario: This postcard is just from an old cat lady.

Scary Scenario: The person who wrote this thinks they’re a cat and have my address.

What do you think? Silly? Sad? Scary? Vote below:

6 thoughts on “Silly? Sad? Scary?

    • That is rather unsettling. I’ve sent 2 postcards to teddy bears before but that was okay, since the one was like a geography class mascot for kids in the lower grades and the other was one being used by a speech therapist for the kids.

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