Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

I was most pleased when I received this great postcard from Kordula from Germany. I also received an exact copy of this postcard from Nico, making it my first ever duplicate but then I got a few more duplicates after that. There are 16 states in Germany, as well as the capital city, Berlin. Germany is made up as follows:


Capital: Stuttgart

Population: 10.8 million

Area: 35 752 sq. km


Capital: Munich

Population: 12.5 million

Area: 70 552 sq. km


Capital: Berlin

Population: 3.5 million

Area: 892 sq. km


Capital: Potsdam

Population: 2.5 million

Area: 29 479 sq. km


Capital: Bremen

Population: 655 000

Area: 419 sq. km


Capital: Hamburg

Population: 1.8 million

Area: 755 sq. km


Capital: Wiesbaden

Population: 6.1 million

Area: 21 115 sq. km

Lower Saxony

Capital: Hanover

Population: 7.9 million

Area: 47 609 sq. km


Capital: Schwerin

Population: 1.6 million

Area: 23 180 sq. km

North Rhine-Westphalia

Capital: Düsseldorf

Population: 17.8 million

Area: 34 085 sq. km


Capital: Mainz

Population: 4 million

Area: 19 853 sq. km


Capital: Saarbrücken

Population: 1 million

Area: 2 569 sq. km


Capital: Dresden

Population: 4.1 million

Area: 18 416 sq. km


Capital: Magdeburg

Population: 2.3 million

Area: 20 446 sq. km


Capital: Kiel

Population: 2.8 million

Area: 15 799 sq. km


Capital: Erfurt

Population: 2.2 million

Area: 16 172 sq. km

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