Speaking Viennese



My friend, Reino, sent me this postcard from his trip to Austria’s capital, Vienna, showing the differences between standard German and the dialect used in Vienna, Viennese (Wienerisch.)

English                                                    German                                                  Viennese

Beer Can                                                 Bierdose                                                  Hülsn

Friend                                                      Freund                                                     Hawara

Damage                                                  Schaden                                                   Havarie

Policeman                                              Polizist                                                      Kieberer

Potato                                                     Kartoffel                                                   Erdapfel

Cheese Sausage                                   Käserkrainer                                           Eitrige

Worse                                                      Ärger                                                         Remasuri

Milk Coffee                                             Milchkaffee                                             Melange

Bread rolls                                              Brötchen                                                  Semmel

Affair                                                         Affäre                                                        Gspusi

Glorious Vienna

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

From one of the countries that I have wanted to see most of all in the world, Austria, Reino sent me this beautiful postcard of their capital, Vienna. With the allure of that old-world sophistication and a dedication to keep that charming culture alive, this city is definitely a must-see for all those interested in the arts and those who just like being pretentious as well. I have little appreciation for art, so I guess I fall into the latter category. The area in which Vienna is situated has been inhabited continuously for over 2500 years, starting with the Celts. Vindobona was the name that the Romans gave the city when they fortified it during 15 BC in order to guard the empire against Germanic tribes. Whether you call it Wien, like the German-speaking world does, Vienna, like the whole world does, Wene, like we do, or any of those funky names that Slavic people have for it; one thing is for certain, this city with many names in many tongues brings to mind, thoughts of great cultural achievement through the ages. Reino says that Vienna is one place in the world that everybody should experience. He goes on to say that maybe someday we will experience it together. I can picture it already: Us being all pretentious. Rowing down the Danube, wearing penguin suits. Him with a monacle, me with a toupé. Singing Blue Danube in our opera voices; him in baritone and me, of course in my silkiest soprano. Definitely maybe, Reino, definitely maybe!

Amazing Austria

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

Another awesome postcard I got from Reino on his trip the beautiful countries of Germany and Austria. This one was of course sent from Salzburg. At the top left one can see Getreidegasse, which is a famous shopping lane in Salzburg. Still in Getreidegasse at no. 9, at the top right, one can see the birthplace of the great composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. At the bottom left one can see Residenzbrunnen, the largest baroque fountain in central Europe, which was completed in 1661. The fountain is located in Residenzplatz, which in turn is located in the Altstadt, shown in the middle. Finally, at the bottom right, one can see one of the most splendid baroque churces in Austria, Kollegienkirche. The church was originally consecrated in 1707 and between then and now lost its purpose a few times. During Napoleon’s invasion it was used as a hay store, during Austro-Hungarian monarchy, it was a military church and a classical secondary school. Since the opening of the University of Salzburg, it has luckily regained its original purpose. Pretty awesome postcard! Dankie Reino.

The Hills are Alive




From Thomas in the land of the Sound of Music, I received this great postcard showing what appears to be a palace of some sort. Thomas did not tell me anything about this place and it appears as though the information on the postcard has been covered by postage stamps. Austria has always been a place that I have wanted to see. I would be very interested to know the name of this place. If you do know the name of the place and maybe have some wisdom of what its historical significance is, I urge you to comment on this post. It would be deeply appreciated.