Bosnian Jewel

Ilidža, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Ilidža, Bosnia & Herzegovina

This pretty postcard that shows the beauty Ilidža, the 7th largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, comes from Snježana. It is only my second postcard from the country and I’m always happy to have more than one of a country. Ilidža is known for its natural beauty (one can see why) and its cultural traditions dating back to neolithic times. The city has a population of 158 000 people and once boasted one of the 5 best city-based economies in Yugoslavia. That all changed after the war but the city is one its way to recovering economically. Thank you so much Snježana!

My 200th Postcard

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Stari Most, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

This beautiful milestone postcard of the Old Bridge in Mostar, Herzegovina, comes to me from Esma, who lives in the city. This would be, as the title suggests, my 200th postcard. My collection is starting to come along now. The Old Bridge, or as the Bosnians call it, Stari Most, is one of the most famous landmarks in Bosnia & Herzegovina. While this bridge is a World Heritage Site and seems to be hundreds of years old, it was actually built in 2004. Not that old at all. It was originally completed somewhere between 1566 or 1567 but as with just about every war in Europe, there is not much respect for the rich history of the continent and in 1993, the bridge was destroyed by Bosnian-Croat forces. Making it a 9 year-old bridge in my mind. The first recorded diving from the bridge took place in 1664 and it became a tradition for local young men to dive into the Neretva below. In 1968 a formal diving competition was inaugurated and is held every year. With my fear of heights, I would just look, but I would never leap. Thank you Esma for this magnificent postcard and the telepathy you applied for sending me the exact postcard that I wanted, without me telling you!