An Enterprising Tree

Enterprising Tree

Enterprising Tree

This postcard of a tree that clearly saw a gap in the market comes from Susanne, who always blesses me with these great Ralph Rutte postcards. In this postcard the tree is selling ropes with nooses at 20 Euro each and asking people the simple question: Isn’t it a terrible day today? European trees are so helpful in the economy, as opposed to ours that just stand here. Thank you Susanne! As always, I love these postcards!

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

I was most pleased when I received this great postcard from Kordula from Germany. I also received an exact copy of this postcard from Nico, making it my first ever duplicate but then I got a few more duplicates after that. There are 16 states in Germany, as well as the capital city, Berlin. Germany is made up as follows:


Capital: Stuttgart

Population: 10.8 million

Area: 35 752 sq. km


Capital: Munich

Population: 12.5 million

Area: 70 552 sq. km


Capital: Berlin

Population: 3.5 million

Area: 892 sq. km


Capital: Potsdam

Population: 2.5 million

Area: 29 479 sq. km


Capital: Bremen

Population: 655 000

Area: 419 sq. km


Capital: Hamburg

Population: 1.8 million

Area: 755 sq. km


Capital: Wiesbaden

Population: 6.1 million

Area: 21 115 sq. km

Lower Saxony

Capital: Hanover

Population: 7.9 million

Area: 47 609 sq. km


Capital: Schwerin

Population: 1.6 million

Area: 23 180 sq. km

North Rhine-Westphalia

Capital: Düsseldorf

Population: 17.8 million

Area: 34 085 sq. km


Capital: Mainz

Population: 4 million

Area: 19 853 sq. km


Capital: Saarbrücken

Population: 1 million

Area: 2 569 sq. km


Capital: Dresden

Population: 4.1 million

Area: 18 416 sq. km


Capital: Magdeburg

Population: 2.3 million

Area: 20 446 sq. km


Capital: Kiel

Population: 2.8 million

Area: 15 799 sq. km


Capital: Erfurt

Population: 2.2 million

Area: 16 172 sq. km

A Happier Life

A Small Manual to More Fun in Life

A Small Manual to More Fun in Life

Another great postcard from Feé! As you should know by now (those who have been around long enough,) I absolutely love Sheepworld postcards and boy does Feé know that!

For those who have no clue what’s going on here, here’s what it says:

A small manual for more fun in life!

Left: Start position

Center-left: Pull up right mouth angle

Center-right: Pull up left mouth angle

Right: Show as many teeth as possible

Repeat Several Times Daily!

A Piece of History

Berlin Wall, Germany

Berlin Wall, Germany

This great postcard (despite the less-than-flattering scan) comes from a good friend in Germany, Kim, who lives in Frankfurt. The reason that the postcard did not scan so wonderful is because it contains a little piece of history as can be seen in the top right corner, i.e. A tiny piece of the Berlin Wall. The wall was constructed on 13 August 1961 by the government of East Germany to “protect” its citizens from those “evil Western fascists.” It’s name given to it by the East Germans was the “Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart.” What it really was all about, was a crap government trying to contain its people and restrict their movement. Until its construction in 1961, over 3.5 million people escaped the grips of the East German government and moved to West Germany. During the 28 years that it was there, a further 5000 people risked life and limb to escape East Germany. In 1989 the Wall finally fell on the 9th of October and by 3 October 1990 Germany was finally reunified. The fall of the Berlin wall was a major event, which played its part in the end of the Cold War. To many people it also signaled the end of the industrial age and the start of the information age. A brilliant part of the history of the world and one of my favourite parts of world history and here I have a piece of it. Thank you so very much Kim, this postcard really means a lot to me!

Postcrossing Meetings

Postcrossing Meeting, Essen, Germany

Postcrossing Meeting, Essen, Germany

Postcrossing Meeting, Cologne, Germany

Postcrossing Meeting, Cologne, Germany

I received both of these great postcards from Feé. She’s been a real treat with getting me a great number of postcards over the months. These two both come from Postcrossing meetings with other German postcrossers. As you can see, the first one was held in the German city of Essen on the 31st of August, while the latter was held in Cologne on 12 October. It has taken quite some time for me to put them on my blog but as I always mention, I am quite far behind on my blogging. I just cannot keep up. I always love these postcards that relate to a specific date and event! Thank you Feé!


Poor Rooster

Poor Rooster

Poor Rooster

Yet another absolutely awesome and funny Ruthe postcard comes from Susi in Germany. The conversation between Santa and Rudolph goes something like this: “What does the specialist think?” “It’s okay but I believe that the rooster is not a team player.” Love it! But Rudolph has now forever been ingrained in my memory as a total bully! Kidding! Thank you Susi and a merry Christmas to you and your family!

Festive Greetings from Germany

Festive Greetings

Festive Greetings

This absolutely awesome Christmas postcard that merely says “festive greetings” in German comes as a surprise postcard from Ralf. I absolutely love it. I also appreciate the fact that Ralf sent the Christmas postcard when it was actually Christmas. I absolutely cannot deal with a mid-year Christmas postcard. Ralf you’re awesome, thanks a lot and a merry Christmas to you and your family as well!

Just Jealous

Oktoberfest München

Oktoberfest München

This postcard comes from Hanna. I always love these postcards that have specific dates for events and stuff on them, as I know that one would never find a duplicate of it again in future. On the back of the postcard Hanna writes: “I know how much you want to go to an Oktoberfest, but nah nah nah nah, you can’t come here!” How mean! Okay, I am totally lying, she never wrote that. Anyway, this postcard is of the official Oktoberfest 2013 poster, which is pretty awesome! Oktoberfest has been held in Munich since 1810 and attracts around 6 million people there per year. On average, around 7 million litres of beer is consumed at the event. Double that in years that I attend. Thank you Hanna, I cannot wait to go to my first Oktoberfest!