Stunning Scotland

Black Rock Cottage, Glencoe, Scotland

Black Rock Cottage, Glen Coe, Scotland

This absolutely stunning postcard comes from Doyel from Scotland. It shows Black Rock Cottage, which is located between Rannoch Moor and Glen Coe in Scotland. Behind the cottage one can catch a glimpse of Buachaille Etive Mor (The great herdsman of Etive.) It reaches a height of 1022 meters and I am sure that on a clear day one could see all the beauty of the Scottish highlands from up there. It truly is an amazing postcard, thank you Doyel!

The Demon Monkey

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister

Like a Lannister, a Robinson always pays his debts and therefore, I, Ruhan of the house Robinson, sender of postcards, lover of the iron throne, stepfather of dragons to-be declare that Monica of the house Smith, is now officially my hero. On Postcrossing I swore it by the old gods and the new, that a hero would send me a Game of Thrones postcard and lo and behold oh ye of little faith. Never did I expect one to arrive and least of all from Monica. Tyrion Lannister (portrayed by Peter Dinklage) is her favourite character in the series, as for me… well you saw what I said about being a stepfather to the dragons. But Tyrion has to come in at a strong second or third, well, second since my other favourite character had her throat sliced off. I am absolutely mad about his relationship with Shay and how much they love each other. I hope that it amounts to something in the end. Also, taking into account that I am moving into dangerous territory with regards to spoilers, I must kindly say that if you comment a spoiler on this blog, I will end you. Thank you Monica for an absolutely awesome postcard! Also, if there is anybody out there that just happens to have Game of Thrones postcards lying around (not likely…) You know where to find me.

Cuckmere Heaven

Cuckmere Haven

Cuckmere Haven

This heavenly seen of Cuckmere Haven came to me from David in Newhaven. The Cuckmere Haven is a floodplain in Sussex, England, where the river Cuckmere meets with the English Channel. I find it funny to this day, when I think back of my days as a kid and back when my English was not so good, “English Channel” and “BBC” were synonyms to me. Anyway, back to the postcard. The area is apparently a great tourist attraction (for obvious reasons) that is visited by some 350 000 tourists each year. As if Cuckmere Haven on its own did not have enough magnetism towards tourists, it is also located next to the 7 sisters chalk cliffs. Amazing place it would seem. And in keeping with the Dutch greeting I received from David, I guess that dank je wel is an appropriate thanks!

London Eye

London Eye

London Eye

From Serena in Great Britain I received this postcard of the London Eye. I saw that Monica had sent this postcard to someone on Postcrossing previously and I made it a favourite. And whaddya know, here it is! The London Eye is situated on the banks of the Thames. It was the world’s highest ferris wheel, until surpassed by the Star of Nanchang and the by the Singapore Flyer in 2006 and 2008 respectively. It was originally built by British Airways in 1999. I always have a silent smile as I think of Sir Richard Branson’s air balloon hovering above the London Eye, while they were have difficulty getting the wheel to go up saying BA Can’t Get It Up. Oh, I just love this postcard, thanks Serena!

Greetings Vrum Dere Ol’ Deb’n

Greetings from Devon

Greetings from Devon

Monica, who most certainly needs no introduction on this blog, I received yet another postcard from her trip to Devon in April. Monica, who is single-handedly responsible for more than 10% of my postcards really seems to know exactly what I like. A real, true owl she is. She also took the liberty of translating for me. I must say, when I first laid eyes on the postcard, I did not even realise that it was English. That’s when I read that it was written in the West County accent, which I’m not sure I’d understand a word of by the looks of things! Anyway, this is what the little poem says:

Here’s a welcome from dear old Devon 

The sunniest place this side of Heaven

Full of history and claims of fame

With Scrumpy Dumplings

and Clotted Cream

Quaint thatched cottages and fields

so green

The prettiest scenery you’ve ever seen

The wild, rolling Moors, so majestic

and grand

With deep-wooded valleys, and sea

close at hand.

In Devon the first thing the local folks say

Is “Do have a dish of cream tea!”

You’ll come again in future years

We’re certainly sure of that my dears!

After the translation, Monica said that this was sure true as one day she’d like to live there. Like ’em lots! Thanks Monica!

Dartmoor’s Amazing

Dartmoor, Devon

Dartmoor, Devon

Another postcard from Monica‘s trip to Devon in early April (blame the SA postal services for me only getting the postcard now.) The bridge on the bottom right especially fascinates me! I have such a romanticised version of medieval Europe in my mind. The bridge is called Clapper Bridge and was built in medieval times close to and was used to transport tin to the town of Tavistock. Anyway, Dartmoor is a protected area, which enjoys national park status and has more than 20 landmarks. Seems like such an amazing place to visit! Boy would I love to visit this area of England! Thanks Monica, for unwittingly teaching me more about your homeland!

Monica & Ruhan’s Awful Postcard Challenge #3

Awful Postcard #3

Awful Postcard #3

Need I even say who this postcard is from? Of course I don’t! It’s from Monica by the way. She had a trip to Devon, England and found this jewel. An “I wish you were here” postcard of Dartmoor Prison. I must say that I find this postcard far more hilarious than I find it awful! It certainly is very very dry and I would almost say “typical English humour” that I love so much. I was in stitches. Thank you Monica for making me laugh quite a bit today.

What a County



This pretty multiview comes from Monicafrom the really pretty county that is Devon. Of course her postcards are usually from Guernsey but this is a lovely exception! It shows multiple views from the county including: Otterton, Brixham, Exeter, Cockington, Ilfracombe, Dartmoor, Lynmouth and Dartmouth. The postcard was sent in an envelope with a leaflet from Quince Honey Farm which boasts free entry into their honey shop. How magnanimous of them, I mean here in South Africa we pay a cover charge at every shop we enter! Kidding, of course. Anyway, I love this postcard and as I have said on countless occasions before: This is a place that I have to visit someday!

Ware is this Place?


The River Lee

From the people that brought you the Magna Carta. From the land that brought you 4 o’clock tea. From the queen that gave us gin o’clock. From the empire on which the sun never sets. From the kingdom of topless queens-to-be. England! Glorious England! The first of (I hope) many postcards that I have received from England. The second from Monica, a postcard that I really adore. This postcard is from the town of Ware in Hertfordshire, which is wonderful, as the chances of me getting one from there again, are slim to none. The town is apparently famous for its canal, which has lots of swans and gazebos. Always glad to receive a rare type of postcard!