Moll’s Gap

Moll's Gap, County Kerry, Ireland

Moll’s Gap, County Kerry, Ireland

This is only my second postcard from Ireland and like the previous one, it’s also stunning and comes from Monika. She told me that she swapped out this postcard with another person at an Irish postcrossers gathering. I really love it to bits. It shows Moll’s Gap, which is a pass near Killarney in County Kerry, Ireland. I absolutely love it, thanks a lot for this great postcard, Monika!

Irish Cliffs

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

This pretty typically Irish view comes to me from Monika. It really does remind me of the Westlife My LoveĀ music video and could very well be where it was recorded. The Cliffs of Moher are located in County Clare in the Northeast of the country. These cliffs rise 120 meters above the Atlantic Ocean and see more than a million visitors flock to see them each year. At the highest point, they rise 214 meters above the sea. I can almost taste the vertigo! There are over 30 000 birds from 20 different species living on these cliffs. Unless humans learn to live in vertically-built houses, I don’t foresee them being evicted anytime soon either. Pretty cool place! Thanks Monika!