The Cantons of Switzerland

Cantons of Switzerland

Cantons of Switzerland

This great postcard comes from Rita from Switzerland. It shows the coat of arms of 23 the cantons of this very federal state.


1. Aargau

2. Appenzell

3. Basel

4. Bern

5. Fribourg

6. Geneva

7. Glarus

8. Graubünden

9. Jura

10. Luzern

11. Neuchatel

12. Schaffhausen

13. Schwyz

14. Solothurn

15. St. Gallen

16. Ticino

17. Thurgau

18. Unterwalden

19. Uri

20. Vaud

21. Wallis

22. Zug

23. Zürich

Pretty cool. I have to say that I haven’t heard of most of these places but boy are their coats of arms cool! Thank you Rita, love it!

Du Gefällst Mir

Sheepworld 1


My very first Sheepworld postcard has arrived from Debbie. Debbie lives in Germany but sent the postcard from Switzerland. It’s funny how many people were involved in me getting this postcard. A friend, Dilyana, had introduced me to this series of postcards, during that same evening I found one of the series on Danielle’s blog and she arranged for me and Debbie to have a swap. I am most pleased and absolutely love the postcard, thank you Debbie!




Gabriela from Switzerland sent me this awesome postcard of a map the country and the coat of arms of all the various cantons. My pun on Switzerland and postcard is unfortunately not as nice as something like Swatch, but nobody can deny that at least I tried! This tiny mountainous country spanning a mere 41,285 km2 is of course renowned for a number of things including its political neutrality, the infamous “Swiss bank account” brought about by its somewhat secretive banking system, the beloved cuckoo clock, its extreme level of federalism, the numerous ski resorts, its alps, the great number of UN departments it is home to and of course no mention of Switzerland can be made without saying something about chocolate. After looking at that impressive list of achievements, it is clear that this little alpine nation is punching far above its weight in the international arena. It truly is a wonderful country that has always impressed me a great deal. I am very happy to finally have a postcard from there as part of my collection. Thank you Gabriela!