Land of the Kalaallit


Nuuk, Greenland

It was Arnold that blessed me with this great postcard of Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. I have never seen anything green about Greenland but upon doing some reading on the matter, I found that it had gotten this name thanks to a murderous exile from Iceland who set out to find the country and named it Greenland in the hopes that the pleasant name would attract many more settlers. With a population of less than 57 000 people, I am led to believe that he could have named it Eden and the inhospitable conditions of this country would not have drawn many more settlers. Evidence suggests that Greenland has been inhabited for 4500 years, the first 3500 odd year by Eskimos. In 946 AD, a number of Icelandic and Norwegian settlers arrived in the southwest of the country but these settlements vanished during the 14th and 15th centuries as a result of either famine, plague or armed conflicts with the Inuit. Since 1814 Greenland has been a part of the Kingdom of Denmark but more recently it has received far greater autonomy, along with a development subsidy, until the country can be self-sustainable through the extraction of natural resources. Very interesting, thanks Arnold.