Go Cowboy Go


Pantanal, Brazil

From Jader, who now lives in São Paulo, Brazil, I received this awesome postcard. He tells me that he grew up in this region but moved to São Paulo in search of fame and fortune, as he wishes to become the leading male actor in Avenida Brasil. He also tells me that he does not ride horses like this cowboy. It is a shame, as one would need to be able to saddle-up a horse and ride it into the wind if one would want roles as prince charming. Thank you Jader, it is a great postcard and I hope you have a successful Telenovela career, that is if you don’t end up in jail for murdering me because of this post.

What a City


São Paulo, Brazil

This lovely panorama postcard was my first from South America. In the neatest handwritinng I have seen in ages, Carlos writes that this postcard is also intended to dispel the myth that São Paulo is more than just a city of imposing grey skyscrapers but that it also has a green side. Myth dispelled!