Cities of Ukraine

Cities of Ukraine

Cities of Ukraine

This postcard showing a number of cities in Ukraine comes from Lena, who lives in Kiev. Okay, so starting with the middle and then from the top left:

1. Kiev – The capital of the country and largest city in Ukraine.

2. Kharkiv – Ukraine’s 2nd largest city and former capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

3. Yalta – A resort city in Crimea.

4. Bakhchysarai – A city in Crimea and the former capital of the Crimean Khanate.

5. Buchach – A city located in Ternopil Oblast in Western Ukraine.

6. Chernihiv – Ukraine’s 18th largest city and administrative center of Chernihiv Oblast in Northern Ukraine.

7. Donetsk – An industrial city in Eastern Ukraine, administrative center of Donetsk Oblast and the country’s 5th largest city.

8. Crimea – A peninsula in Southern Ukraine, on the northern coast of the Black Sea.

9. Sevastopol – The 14th largest city in Ukraine and the second largest port in the country.

10. Lviv – Former capital of Galicia, Ukraine’s 7th largest city and cultural hub of the country.

11. Sharivka – I cannot find anything about this place, anybody?

12. Sumy – Administrative center of the Sumy Oblast.

13. Odessa – Ukraine’s 3rd largest city, with the largest port and the admistrative center of Odessa Oblast.