My Birthday Harbour


Guernsey Harbour

Definitely my favourite postcard from Monica so far and counted among my absolute favourite postcards in general, is this stunning picture of Guernsey harbour. It was sent by Monica on 11 February for my birthday on the 21st but it only arrived here on 27 March. I loved the fact that the postcard came with a matching envelope, which was so cool! Thanks Monaco!

A Birthday Wish


Happy Birthday to Me!

This wonderfully thoughtful postcard comes from Gerrit in The Netherlands. It was sent on the 6th of February and meant to reach me by my birthday on 21 February, which is about right under normal circumstances but since some hooligans at the Johannesburg and Pretoria post office sorting plants decided to stage an illegal strike, this postcard only reached me today! Gerrit also chose to write the postcard in Dutch, which was an added bonys, as I do love a postcard written in Dutch! Thank you so much Gerrit, I do appreciate it!