My First Maxicard

Kangaroo Maxicard, Australia

Kangaroo Maxicard, Australia

My first ever maxicard came from Colin in Australia. A maxicard, short for maximum card, is a normal postcard with a stamp that is very similar to picture put on the picture side of the postcard. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about kangaroos. Kangaroos are of course endemic to Australia and even though they are not an official symbol of the country, they are used in many pop culture references to the country and are also used as symbol for well-known companies like Qantas. These beautiful animals have very few natural predators left, as most of them have gone extinct. Defensively, kangaroos would, however, give a predator a tough time. These techniques include going into water (as they are good swimmers) and drowning their predators with their front paws. Another, more disturbing defensive technique includes grabbing the predator with their front paws and disemboweling it with their hind legs. Yummy! Thank you for my first maxicard, Colin!

Australian Propaganda


Australian Propaganda Postcard

This cute thing was sent to me by Akin from Australia. It is cut-out type of postcard, much like the Japanese gotochi postcards. Akin says, and I quote: “Contrary to what the postcard suggests, they do not really go around with a beer mug in their paws.” I find it ludicrous that they would have us believe that kangaroos run around drinking beer and then I have to find out from an Australian that it is merely government propaganda. I shall write a letter to their queen!