First Man in Space

Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin

Another awesome postcard from Olge in Russia, is of a man that needs absolutely no introduction. If you have, however, crawled out of your nuclear bunker for the first time since the Cuban missile crisis, Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was the first person to travel into outer space on 12 April 1961. A major blow to the USA in the space race but they made a comeback that we all know about. Yuri, despite his infamy, died at the young age of 34 in 1968. His death came about as a result of a jet crash and as we all know them conspiracy theorists, it just couldn’t be that simple. Multiple investigations were done into his death and documents were declassified by the Kremlin as late as 2011. All I can say to the conspiracy theorists is, that the truth is out there! Thanks a bunch Olge, brilliant card, the first I have of this kind.

The Saviour of Moscow


Spasskaya Tower

From Ramilya in Moscow, Russia, I received a postcard of Spasskaya Tower or “Saviour Tower” in English. It is located on the Eastern walls of the Kremlin and overlooks the infamous Red Square. It was constructed in 1491 and was designed by an Italian architect. Its steaple originally had 2 eagles on it but was replaced by a red star under the Soviet government in 1935. Very cutely Ramilya says at the end of her message “Don’t worry, be happy!” Don’t worry Ramilya, I’ll be happy!