My 100th Country

Carabiniers, Monaco

Carabiniers, Monaco

This postcard is of the 100th country to join my collection, Monaco. It was sent to me in secret and as a surprise by my Bulgarian friend, Zdravko. A carabinier is a type of infantry soldier that derives its name from the weapon that they used to carry, the carbine. The Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince is a small elite force of soldiers maintained to protect the Prince of Monaco and his palace. There are 119 soldier in the company and they include foreigners. How does a country go to war with 119 soldiers, you might ask… Well, it doesn’t. With France at its back, it wouldn’t be advisable to take on Monaco at any rate. Great postcard, great country too. Thanks a million Zdravko!

Little Alpine Liechtenstein


Fürstentum Liechtenstein

With screams of joy I received my first postcard of a microstate from Michaela who lives in Liechtenstein. I still cannot believe how lucky I was to receive this postcard! Liechtenstein is rather tiny, in fact it is only one tenth the size of the city that I live in, at 160 square kilometers. It also has about a hundredth of the population of the city where I live, with a population of 36 000 people. The head of state of Liechtenstein is Prince Hans-Adam II and Michaela tells me that this powerful man is quite kind and friendly. What a wonderful postcard to have in my collection!