Cypriot Surprise



Helen, who is from the Ukraine sent me this postcard via Postcrossing. I felt bad reading her apology for sending me a postcard from a country other than her own. The reason being that I’m not too fond of postcards from one country being sent from another. But she misinterpreted it and thought I want postcards from the native country of the sender and absolutely blessed me with a postcard of a country that I never had, Cyprus! I would be lying if I were to give an interpretation of the chaos taking place on it but I like it! It is a type of postcard that I’ve never received before and have never specifically requested but that is what I like when people deviate from what I request… Filling my collection up with a variety of different kinds and styles of postcards. After all, variety is the spice of life! Thank you for a wonderful postcard Helen!

Ukraineanologist Needed


Kiev, Ukraine

From Olha in Kiev, Ukraine, I received a postcard of this pretty building. She tells me that the building was the first in Europe to be built from concrete in the 20th century. She also tells me that the architect built it for his wife (how romantic) and dressed all four walls and the roof with animals and mythical creatures (probably symbolising his mother-in-law). What Olha neglects to tell me, however, is the name of the building or the name of the architect. Do you have any idea? The name appears to be on the back of the postcard in Ukrainean and Russian but I cannot read hieroglyphics, sorry!