Infinity and Beyond


Kennedy Space Center

From Ashor I received this stunning postcard from the Kennedy Space Center’s visitor complex. The Kennedy Space Center is located in Florida, USA. It has been doing all human fligts to space since 1968. Human flights have not been happening frequently in recent times but the 3 pads from which it can launch, next to Cape Canaveral Air Force Base, are frequently used to launched unmanned missions into space.

An UNexpected surprise


Universal Declaration of Human Rights

From my friend and fellow countryman, Ashor, I received this awesome postcard. He got it from the United Nations headquarters in New York. The quote on the postcard comes The Universal Declaration of Human and Peoples’ Rights. He could not have been more thoughtful in giving me this postcard, as human rights are very close to my heart and having completed a course in public international law, I thought it was quite awesome!

As Tahquamenon Befalls Me


Thaquamenon Falls

As I was preparing to give up on ever receiving a postcard from the USA (After having sent several and receiving none in return), Judith, from the beautiful state of Michigan sent me this great postcard of Tahquamenon Falls. She tells me that she had lived in the state for 40 years before going here for the first time! Certainly worth the wait! Now, I have to damit that I have never heard of it but it is most certainly a sight to behold.