The Top 10

As a postcard collectors, I’m sure that we all have postcards that just simply jump out at us and become favourites somehow. While not always everybody’s taste or even one’s own taste, there are some postcards that seem somehow more important or more special than the others. With this list I hope to show my 10 best postcards at any given point and hope that those of you who’ve sent me postcards would understand that it’s not possible to add all of your postcards to the top 10. I already had a hard time choosing my 10 best postcards right now, with only 89 postcards in my collection, how hard would it be when I someday get to 500? Hope you understand that the choices were difficult but these are the postcards that made it:

#1 Russia

#1 Russia

#2 Hungary

#2 Hungary

#2 Guernsey

#3 Guernsey

#3 France

#4 France

#4 Argentina

#5 Argentina

#6 Taiwan

#6 Taiwan

#3 Turkey

#7 Turkey

#4 United States of America

#8 United States of America

#6 Sweden

#9 Sweden

#5 Singapore

#10 Singapore

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